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Condo Tower Essentials

With over 1,200 condo towers in urban Toronto, it’s impossible for Realtors to keep track of every detail, Towerhouse puts it all at your fingertips.

This essential information helps Realtors learn about unfamiliar buildings enabling them to answer client questions quickly and easily.

Intelligent Evaluation for the Long-Term

Condos can be expensive propositions so we provide thorough, objective analysis based on financial fundamentals helping Realtors guide clients to smart purchases.

We analyze financials, reserve funds and market metrics to determine the caliber of a condo tower. This helps Realtors find the best condo towers for their clients and is also a powerful marketing tool when selling.

Custom Condo Analysis

We don’t just rank condo towers, we let you rank them on your own terms. Our sortable ranking allows Realtors to personalize their search for client specific requests.

Narrowing a search down to condo towers in MLS zone C01, built after 2007, with low condo fees, a swimming pool, and a pet policy accepting large dogs is a quick 2-minute task.

Easy to Understand Reports

Our exclusive reporting encompasses everything you need to know about the condo towers we rank.

We deliver an extensive analysis communicating the good, the bad, and the ugly, enabling Realtors to provide outstanding guidance to their clients.

Condo Tower Comparisons

Urban areas of Toronto are brimming with condo towers. We recognize that ranking a condo tower on its own is good but ranking it against other towers is better.

Our carefully designed analysis scores buildings not only on their own merits but also on how they stack up against condo towers in the same area.

Impress with Personalized Presentations

We make it easy to share information with personalized presentations for any condo tower in our database.

You can quickly and easily share personally branded reports with your clients or use the same reports as sophisticated sales tools when selling.

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Yes, every member declares, by agreeing to the Terms & Conditions, that they are a licensed Realtor. Towerhouse also performs its own independent review. If a member is found NOT to be an active Realtor, they are removed and banned from the service.


Towerhouse can turn any Realtor into a local neighbourhood condo expert instantly for every neighbourhood we cover:

Suburban Realtors dealing with downsizers moving to downtown condos can become well versed in the condo market quickly

New Realtors can instantly have equal if not more condo tower knowledge than most seasoned condo veterans

Experienced Realtors already familiar with many urban condo towers now have the perfect tool to keep all that ever changing market data at their fingertips

Niche Realtors who are experts in their area can now have the confidence and knowledge to be experts in all other condo sub-markets


While our goal is to score and rank all GTA condo towers in the fullness of time, getting help from our members who provide status certificates as they themselves receive them through their day to day work really shortens the time it will take to reach that goal, which benefits all our members.


No. It is simply a misconception that only unit owners and prospective buyers can have access to status certificates. Under the Ontario Condominium Act (Section 76(1)) any person (and that literally means any individual or company anywhere in the world) is entitled to request a status certificate from the condominium corporation on payment (Section 76 (2)) of a fee.


No. The whole point of scoring and ranking condo towers is to completely remove subjectivity from the equation.


All scores and rankings and updated monthly.


New towers are added monthly


It’s our goal to eventually score and rank the entire Greater Toronto Area (GTA) but we’re starting off in the urban core.


Towerhouse has pulled together as much information as possible on the condo towers we rank. If you want to see a sample of all the data and analysis we provide you can send yourself a sample report from the homepage.

There is also an exclusive monthly analysis sent to members that outlines market trends and interesting industry statistics to further improve their local condo market knowledge.


When you use a members referral code you get an additional 90 days free and pay the lowest monthly fee currently available on the site. The referring member also gets a gift of an additional 90 days free added to their account.


First and foremost we are always looking for feedback. Positive feedback is good, critical feedback is better!  We continually strive to improve the experience for all members and offer our members the greatest competitive advantage possible.

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Towerhouse provides Realtors, Mortgage Brokers and their clients with an objective review of the long-term viability of individual condo buildings. The reports are crisp and easy to read and provide extremely valuable quantitative analysis into the financial well-being of each building. This service is transformative for our industry as it provides insight into making sound and informed financial decisions when purchasing condo units. Towerhouse is a must use resource for Realtors representing both buyers and sellers of condo units in Toronto.
Towerhouse is a game changer for anyone working in the condo market! As Realtors working in an increasingly competitive market, we are always striving for ways to give our clients an edge and provide extra value to them. Towerhouse fills a much needed niche by providing a better way to compare and contrast various towers in the city.  I think my favourite features are the assessments of value and hints about approximate reserve fund balances and upcoming expenses.

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